One hundred years ago the Dark God Izrador won a war of conquest and domination against the combined efforts of man, elf and dwarf. The races mightiest heroes tried in vain to hold back the God of Shadow but his endless armies of orcs breached the ancient wall of Varadun and laid destruction and waste upon the kingdoms of men. The elves retreated to their forest homes and the dwarves sealed themselves in their mines, each battling alone against the might of Izrador’s victorious armies.

The world has become evil-dominant, with the Church of the Shadow and its orc minions controlling the lives of the downtrodden humans. Elves and dwarves are hunted mercilessly, while the gnomes toil for the Shadow and halflings are often enslaved.

It is here in the small village of Haven that the story begins. What was once a make shift refugee camp for those fleeing from the wars against the Shadow, has grown into a small community of survivors who battle against the Darkness.

You are younglings, those untested against the True Shadow and who are now just coming of age to join the fight.

Darkness Descends